My attempt at a sonnet- Please don’t be to hard onnet!


English 205, a course for the ages.

O Shakespearean verses fortunes have’t we study

Stanzas and  lines we read pages and pages.

Themes, and parallel phrases we looketh upon thee

For between thy plain structure, O Meaning we find you.

Meaning of strange words and worlds, woveth in

The tapestries of e’re told tales for us to find anew.

Thou timeless Bard baffled billions. Why did you spin

The words that you did.  We spend hours trying to know

the thoughts in thoust noggin at th’hour when parchment and quill

married to make sums many more than their parts e’re show.

Tell me, is a tree just a tree or did you have further will?

Nothing  by thy pen is as the flowers appear to the sun;

‘Tis more akin to an onion, but many leagues more fun.








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