Using voyant on a section of Lucrece

I put a section of The Rape of Lucrece (lines 133-153) into voyant and what i found was that one of the most repeated words (excluding conjunctions) was “wealth”. There was also a couple uses of the word “gain”. In the context of this section in which Tarquin is reasoning with himself as to whether or not he ought to rape Lucrece, I found this repetition interesting. While wealth typically refers to material possessions and more specifically money, in this case it seems as though tarquin is seeing possession of Lucrece as a form of wealth. This shows us how lucrece, and more generally women, were seen not as people but as possessions. Tarquin wants lucrece not because of any of her qualities but because he wants to be more “wealthy” than his rivals.Screenshot (5)

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