Theatrical Poster for Twelfth Night

Here is my movie poster for Twelfth Night:


Haha, just kidding. How often is that joke used in our #engl205 class, eh?

Here is my actual movie poster (the proof is the poor camera quality):




Sorry that it’s sideways, I tried to fix it but alas, I am not tech-savvy. Please rotate your head 90 degrees




This is an imaginary theatrical poster for Twelfth Night. The two faces depicted are the twins Viola and Sebastian. Their faces are separated by a arrow (like Cupid’s love arrow). Also, the end of the arrow is a triangle with a heart in it to represent the love triangle between Viola/Cesario, Olivia, and Orsino. There’s a mask in the upper right corner (if the picture was rotated the proper way) that represents the important thematic element of disguises. Lastly, the symbol on the right side is the male and female gender symbol, with a red question mark going through it to depict the gender ambiguity in the play.

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