Twelfth Night Gender Discussion

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I want to discuss Twelfth Night and the topic that we covered extensively in tutorials and lecture – the topic of gender and homo-eroticism. Many people were saying that Shakespeare wrote a progressive text, especially in regards to the character of Antonio since he apparently displayed affectionate feelings for Sebastian. The one point that I would like to make that has not been covered in tutorial is that basically all the characters received a happy ending – Orsino ended up with Viola, Sebastian with Olivia, and Sir Toby with Maria. The three main characters who did not receive a happy ending are as follows: Malvolio who was depicted as being a malicious character, Sir Andrew who was shown as being a fool, and lastly Antonio. Antonio was helpful, kind, caring, but since he showed homoerotic tendencies, he was not given a happy ending in Shakespeare’s view, meaning a marriage. What does it say about progressive behaviour in the play if the only possible gay character in the play does not receive a happy ending? It is open for debate, I suppose and is based on different individual’s point of view.


Side note: You might have seen this included with my other writing discussion but I realized it was over the word limit so I separated them, so it could be included for more points. Thanks

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