Letters from the Hospital: My Story Does Not End Here

Hello everyone!

Congratulations to those who were finished with the badge requirement. I know that it is past April 9th of 2015, but I am posting this because of my pure interest. Because of my sicknesses, I opened up this project as my way of communicating with you all. I opened this project to advocate for those who are struggling in University of Calgary, and also to connect my illnesses to Shakespearan literature.

After suffering from various episodes and attacks, I found myself in the hospital again on Thursday of the last week. I was, again, wheeled into the EMS vehicle with the IV in the right arm, lying down in the hospital bed.

In all honesty, I surely thought I was going to perish. I thought death was imminent. And at the thought of leaving everything behind that I love, I emailed my professors and my friends to make sure that they will not grieve my death, and at the hospital, lying beside my boyfriend who came to see me, I said my parting words.

But my story does not end here.

I continue to live on, and back again at school, full-time, I began to experience what it is like to live again. I made it through a crucial time and began to know that life is so precious.

When you are struggling with your life, it is sometimes hard to find the beauty in life. When I started experiencing fatal symptoms of my illness, I was so afraid of losing everything I love, but I was so tired. I understand that many students in University of Calgary go through the same illnesses as me, and I just want to let them know that your story does not end here.

I know that life is difficult, and I surely know the pain of suffering. I know the pain of life, and the struggle that one might go through in their life. But, your life is so precious and if you perish, you are leaving your friends behind, your loved ones, your professor, and everyone that you love. Your life cannot be replaced- it’s unique like a pink diamond, crucial to our society, and beautiful like a flower. You are valued and we love you so, so much. Did I also mention that you are amazing? Because I think you are amazing, and your story matters to us.

If anyone needs to talk to me, please don’t hesitate to message me. My name is Michelle Joo and you will be able to find me easily on Facebook, and on tumblr as poeticfeelings. Help is here if you need it. I will be glad to greet and help you with the best of my knowledge.

Our story does not ends here.
It surely won’t.
Please stay.




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