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genres + modes badge: cheese

In Troilus and Cressida  (2.3.205) Achilles mentions cheese.

simple and quick cheese:

1)  2L of 3.25% butter milk.

2) Place in a pot, in low heat

3) In 15-18 minutes the white colored cheese will separate from the liquid, you can use a slotted spoon to scoop out the cheese. great for salads.

4) Refrigerate for later use.



Genres + modes: visual art

Hear’s a drawing of Antonio’s  arrest, as he pleads for viola( disguised as Cesario), who he thinks is Sebastian to save him. viola is surrounded by sir Andrew and Sir Toby.  I chose to draw this because it carries over that element of disguise and false identity present in Twelfth Night.


writing badge: poetry

i definitely have a lot more respect for his talents know . hear’s my sonnet, or my attempt on a sonnet.


The point of no return is where we head

When life’s never ending challenges did

Beset I promise, my love, we will dread

Every decision we made but, chide

Not our love for it yields our happiness

Don’t remember our torrid days that were

Filled with endless fights; for its mere madness

To forget the love we share, if it were

Up to me, I will mend those hateful things

I said by making every word I utter hence

Twice as joyous as the harsh words that sting

And I promise to adhere to such a sense.

For your love imbues my desire to change

And get back to our former serene exchange.

Face-time badge: followup

In today’s tutorial, the last one, we learned very critical skills that will come of help in our final. We talked about connecting ideas and themes in sonnets with other plays read. The Petrarchan conventions was of note, the fact that the imperfect women can be perfect and that she doesn’t have to be in such a pedestal to be idealized is a contrast perception to the Petrarchan conventions. Such conventions idealized women and expected the most beautiful of women to conform to impossible standards that, frankly, none can achieve. Sonnet 130 embodied the perception that beauty isn’t perfect, when the speaker said “and in some perfumes is their more delight than in the breath that my mistress reeks” he spoke against the norms of beauty, and Identified that, although the mistress  isn’t perfect, she is beautiful. We didn’t really expand on that, due to time of course, but the fact that women can be beautiful in their own way really contradicts many of the conventional point of views in the plays we’ve read, personally I think it’s kind of refreshing.

genres+modes badge: beef

In act 1 scene 3 of twelfth night sir Andrew says that beef harms his wit.

Beef the only way i know how:

1) cook diced onions with oil (5minutes)

2) add hot pepper spice blend and some Garlic

3) add the meat(beef)

4) let all the ingredients cook for about 10 minutes

5) add water proportionate to the bot used.

6) cook all the ingredients for about 15 more minutes

7) share it!





writing badge: close-reading

Close Reading of Lucrece’s advice to Tarquin (lines 652-670)

In this passage Lucrece is advising Tarquin that his emotions are getting the best of him, she is telling him that what he is attempting to do to Lucrece is simply derived from unrighteous “passions”. Lucrece’s attempts, although in vain, are filled with persuasive arguments. Lucrece tries to tell Tarquin that his “petty ills” shall not have control over him and that he shall dispel such foul and lustful passions. His desires, in her opinion, cannot rule over him and control his wits. She reinforces that Tarquin cannot be the slave of his passions and that if he is ruled by them, “and they be kings”, it will stain his noble stature and turn it, from a vast sea, to a meager puddle. A puddle, in those times, is filled waste, and represents the destruction of ones being. The metaphor of slavery is enhanced by the repetition of thou in the passage and by the alliteration of the letter t. Lucrece also tries to project to Tarquin his noble stature by comparing him to a cedar. This metaphor of a cedar not “stooping” to the shrubs roots, is a very powerful parallelism that depicts the actions of Tarquin. Lucrece tells Tarquin that he is the cedar, and his passions the shrubs, and that he, being the cedar, cannot yield to meager desires of lust, compared to shrubs in the passage.



Shakespeare, William. “Rape of Lucrece”. The complete sonnets and poems 8 April. 2014: 279 – 280. Print.

language badge: puns

Pun on issue: The winter’s tale (5.2.327)

First Gentleman. I was by at the opening…only this methought I
heard the shepherd say, he found the child.

Autolycus. I would most gladly know the issue of it.

The pun on issue is made by Autolycus. The first gentlemen told Autolycus that Perdista, the long lost daughter of the king, was found. Autolycus then connected one of  the meanings of issue, which is child, with his interest to find out what the outcome of the event was.

Twelfth night: (3.2.149) Pun on dear

Fabian. This is a dear manikin to you, Sir Toby.

Sir toby. I have been dear to him, lad, some two thousand strong, or so.

Sir Toby makes a  pun on dear when he tells Fabian that his association with Sir Andrew is making him money. Dear also means expensive, so when sir toby says that he has been dear to Sir Andrew, he just means that he has been exploiting Sir Andrews wealth.