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The Winter’s Tale – Live Performance Poster

The Winter’s Tale – Live Performance Poster
By Andrew Lane

Here is my interpretation of The Winter’s Tale through a poster. In behind you see Hermione in jail. Out front you see Leontes. The grave is to represent Hermione’s death. Anyway I wanted to use some symbolism as well in this picture/poster. The birds I use to represent there is a happy ending. Of course I chose a winter scene to fit. This would be my version of a modern adaptation.  I hope you enjoy.

The Winter's Tale

Shakespeare Music

As we have been studying hard on Shakespeare this semester something occurred to me. I have long been a fan of the band Barenaked Ladies. About 10 years ago they were involved in a stage production at Stratford for the Shakespeare play As You Like It. I realize we aren’t studying that particular play. I thought though that others may enjoy listening to their modern musical spin for Shakespeare. I have greatly enjoyed this myself over the years and felt it selfish to keep it to myself any longer. Here is a youtube link to a collection of songs. I hope you enjoy it.

Andrew Lane

King Lear Art

I know this is a bit late for this play. However when I was thinking of doing a drawing of any of the plays so far the one that spoke to me the most was King Lear in this medium. Most specifically during the time when the weather as in the storm reflects his inner mental turmoil. This picture is meant to illustrate that. I also chose to leave color out as my feeling is this scene is very dark.


Troilus and Cressida – The Stage Production Poster

The Ulitimate Troilus and Cressida Stage Production by Andrew Lane

Imagine if you will the first ever puppet performance of Troilus and Cressida. Close you eyes and your there. You can’t loose. The puppet performer is wearing a Trojan helmet so even if seen he will fit in with the performance.  The puppets will be used to perform the various roles throughout the play. The backdrop seen in the poster is to represent the war between the Trojan’s and the Greek’s. Here is the poster for my grand production. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Troilus and Cressida