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My final sonnet

Thought I’d try my hand at one final sonnet.

People are like air,
Always whisking around:
As if there is very little care,
That they are not bound.

People come and go,
They enter your life and then disappear.
You think it may just be your foes,
But you quickly learn to fear.

Sometimes you will find
One person who will stay.
They are more kind,
Than anyone you meet in a day.

So long as people depart,
Find one that will stay in your heart.

My Response to a Choral Reading

-Here’s the link! (You might want to skip to 1:00, because it takes them about a minute to walk in)

For the performance badge, I went searching for a choral reading of something by Shakespeare. I found a choral reading of “All the World’s a Stage,” which is a fairly well known speech from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It was actually really strange hearing it recited by more than one person at once. It almost adds a sort of eerie mood to it. It seems more mechanical, as there is no room for personal inflection.

When listening to soliloquies and such performed by actors, it’s very distinct. The thing about real theatre is that it always varies, and that’s the beauty of it. You can go see a show more than once during its run with the exact same cast, but it can almost seem like a completely different show. With choral reading, it’s the opposite. Everyone has to be trained to say the words in the same way, otherwise choral reading would never work.

After listening to many different choral readings, I have come to the conclusion that they may not be the best for use with Shakespeare’s works!

Twelfth Night Movie Poster!


This is for the movie poster part of the Genres and Modes Badge. Creating a movie poster was fun! I looked at some formats and decided that the “giant heads on top of a beach” would be the most suitable for Twelfth Night, especially because a shipwreck does take place in the play. I chose the three main characters involved in the love triangle to be the ones emphasized on the poster. There is a fake moustache on Viola to demonstrate that she does dress up as a man. The ring that Olivia sneakily gave to Viola is buried in the sand, as it plays a part in the love triangle.

Twelfth Night Visual Art

I decided to take the element of gender from Twelfth Night and turn it into visual art! I drew what you can tell is a person, but it is difficult to decipher whether it is male or female, just like the actual gender ambiguity in the play. The triangle surrounding the ambiguous person represents the love triangle that exists. One corner is blue, a colour most often associated with males, and that represents Orsino. Another corner is pinkish, a colour associated with femininity, and that represents Olivia. The final corner is a mixture of blue and pink, representing Viola, as she is a female but is perceived as a male for most of the play. This is for the Visual Art portion for the Genres and Modes Badge.


Another Attempt at a Shakespearean Sonnet


Guilt demands attention.
It drags you down into the ground,
Which forces you to mention,
And remember that you are bound.

Bound to this burden.
When you try to suppress guilt.
It tears down the curtains,
That hide the flaws that you’ve built.

Yet when you throw open those blinds,
Your frailties will be embraced.
It well cleanse your mind,
And the guilt will be erased.

Whatever guilt demands,
You can withstand.

My Attempt at a Shakespearean Sonnet


Passion leads fire, hand in hand
One burns whilst the other desires
As thou exclaims ‘it has scorched thine land’
Passion pleads to bring forth that liar

Thou may claim that one is greater
That Passion may outweigh sorrow
But Fire can destroy thy creator
As thou succumbs to tomorrow

Broken promises outweigh pleasure
And lies burn through bliss
Be careful not to measure
Too quickly, or you might just miss

For Passion brings fire
And Fire likes to conspire