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Sonnet #3

Your eyes shine like a galaxy of stars,

your skin is as soft as a kitten is.

Your lips are as red as the sand of Mars,

making me want to come and steal a kiss.

My mind is occupied by thoughts of you,

you stay in my thoughts throughout the whole day.

You never leave, no matter what I do,

the love that I feel, is what I must say.

For when I am with you, this way I feel,

The butterflies fly and the birds do sing.

Sometimes I question if this is all real,

and if you will ever accept my ring.

Will the universe just give me a sign,

so that I can make this beauty all mine.

Sonnet #2

When the leaves change to yellow and red,

and the trees branches become cold and bare.

When thoughts are no longer inside my head,

you will find darkness awaiting in there.

For time passes, no matter what you do,

Just as the seasons are going to change.

Night changes to day, darkness to light too,

As you can see there can be quite a range.

As time passes, it can be a real friend,

for it can truly cause for you to grow.

One certainty is time, you cannot bend,

and the future is always unknown.

As time can be but a friend or a foe,

you decide which when it’s your time to go.

Sonnet #1

Once again you have made me be a fool,

your lying words have left me in some pain.

Your actions are like a typical ghoul,

leaving me with some thoughts that are insane.

Your lies are darker than the souls of black,

that fill up the fiery gates of hell.

You say them with the meaning of attack,

and your virtue you are willing to sell.

But no matter what you do or you say,

I will preserver through all of the pain.

Peace I will feel while in my grave I lay,

for there is nothing else for me to gain.

So now that your threats damage me no more,

thats all I need to settle the score.