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The Winter’s Tale (artwork)

FullSizeRenderThe top left is Hermione from the perspective of Leontes during his jealous rage. She is sexualized and placed in a box. Leontes is attached to the box on the right, and I depicted him being controlled by a spectre influencing his sight and thought (the spectre of jealousy and paranoia). Below Leontes, on the bottom right, is the king of Bohemia Polixenes. I drew him separated from Hermione and Leontes to touch on his isolation from them, both physical and mental. Lastly, on the bottom left of the page I drew Autolycus, because I found him to be an interesting character. I drew his true and sinister face projecting a false version of himself, as he is in disguise for virtually the entire play.


Side Note: My Favourite Character

Well, not actually. Thersites is however one of the more comical characters I’ve come across in Shakespeare’s writing. Even though the man is lowly and depraved, he has some epic comebacks!

This is one of many of the exchanges Thersites has with Ajax that I will be inserting into my ‘comeback repertoire’: pg. 182

Ajax: Thou bitch-wolf’s son, canst thou not hear? Feel then. Strikes him. 

Thersites: The plague of Greece upon thee, thou mongrel beef-witted lord!











My annotations for Lucrece. I like to keep it pretty simple so I don’t muddy the text too much (just a preference). The most effective method I employ is to quickly outline the main ideas (in modern english) of passages I find hard to understand. I also try to highlight important words to look up in the OED.