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Twelfth Night Movie poster

Twelfth Night poster

the line “Did you ever see the picture of “We Three”?”(Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, 14-15) was one of mockery towards the fool himself, as well as his companions.  I put Natalie Portman in the leading role because of her experience as characters who have multiple identities such as Princess Amidala in Star Wars who kept herself disguised as a servant girl for some time.  She has also gone through transitions of identity in V for Vendetta which is where the posters picture is derived from.

My third Sonnet – Foolish Knave

She smiled with intent all too grave

She could not forge new desire

She took me for a foolish knave

She traps herself in ever mire

I care not for the foolish game

I see no reason to save her from her own folly

I will get only blame

I must push away this loaded trolley

We shall never dance

We will never fit

We can only play around the lance

We can only find our place and sit

You cared not to dig deeper

I cared not to be a big leaper


My Second Sonnet – A Green Paradise

Dwarfed by tall plants of mellow green,

Weaving the cowl of hot summers night.

I find myself lulled into a perfect seam,

A state of mind o so right.

Upon good morning the sun does shine,

A fires stoked and heartily poked.

A moving sun bids time and fine rhyme,

Heftily smoked we leave well toked.

Prancing together we have no melancholy,

Fear is not what grips our hearts,

its a vice not to folly.

Virtue comes in sweet ordered parts.

Let the flame not go out.

another round to go about.

My First Sonnet – Existential Paradox

Life’s a mystery to unforgiving flesh on aging bone.

The voids a fear of any mind,

Into the worlds paradox we are thrown.

A quest with no goal to find,

Step out of shadows and into light.

The worlds fears shape your armor.

Suited for battle, mind and flesh exercise might,

You grew ideas and stood by a proud farmer.

All crops are brought in, but so are you,

Brought to market in hopes of sale.

A penny for ones thoughts, a fallacy all too true.

A final notice in the mail.

A community for sale bears only souls,

All are held down paying heavy tolls.