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Sonnet Review #7

Having read along this far, I’m surprised!

Did not think it’s interesting or right,

But nonetheless it’s time to summarize

Maybe this Sonnet can help shed some light.

Shakespeare writes about the seasons, but isn’t,

He’s referring to a time when we die,

Winter for old; Summer for fortunate

I am serious, I would never lie.

There are multiple ways to reading plays

There are multiple ways that they are staged,

Some performed outside in the sun’s own rays,

But all are done to keep viewers engaged.

I hope you may now remember a thing or two

Before the final when we are all doomed.

Sonnet Review #6 Rap version

I feel as though Shakespeare is like a rapper,

So I’m going to break things down and give him a face lift

Talking about Twelfth Night using words like crapper,

Just keep on reading if you’re catching my drift.

Viola is a woman needing to be independent,

Back then this was done only with the right junk,

So really her cross dressing isn’t so irrelevant

Plus at the end she got Orsino in a bunk.

Olivia is the opposite and won’t stop her moaning

Although she has men left, right and centre doing some proposing,

There is only one man who could pull her corsets string

That is Cesario who does not find girls girls interesting.

The men got played, especially Malvolio,

I bet he thinks Marias’ a big fat ho

Sonnet Review #5

Opposed to looking at Shakespeare’s plays

Will look at ways for best understanding

How to read them because their are many ways,

You must set aside time, which may need planning.

Must read a passage in its entirety

That way I know what will transpire

Then once more, seeing beyond reality,

There is so much attention that’s required.

Every word is calculated and chosen uniquely,

There is never a word placed without thought.

Like when he writes ‘Will’ on the daily

A  BIGGER meaning, with humour if caught.

The words on the page are not simply ink

But opens up a whole new world; just think.

Sonnet Review #4

At this point in time we must take a reading break

And take a look at a stage production of King Lear

Sir Ian McKellen is amazing!

He can go crazy, while making a sneer.

This play shows folly of man and also their greed.

Greed for others love or material things.

This all becomes their downfall; they won’t breed,

All of this murder for what? To become King?

In most of Shakespeare’s plays, the fool is wiser

Seeing error and lies behind one’s mask

Except Cordelia, Lear’s own daughter,

The fool gave good advice, no need to ask.

Appearance misled those with eyes,

Which is why the blind is always quite wise.


Sonnet Review #3

By this time we have reached review number thrice!

No that probably does not make sense but I could not resist

The idea of speaking old english, plus I may speak of one’s vice

Like in Troillus and Cressida and how Paris had to persist.

Poor Helen of Troy, she is depicted as a slut,

Which is infuriating cause it appears the men can do no wrong,

But if it weren’t for Paris no one would be in this rut,

And because of men’s huge ego this war ends up being epically long!

There are many plot points and gimmicks

But my favourite story of all is the love story of Troillus and Cressida

As much of a disaster as it may have been and although it was quick,

Demonstrated the fleeting moments of love and all I can say is duh.

A side bar to the love is that it is also a tale of war,

Just in case the failed romance became to much of a bore.

Review Sonnet #2

This next review will be quite not be a bout a play,

However it will be about the first reading of this class

And no it is not a story that is joyous, happy or gay,

But instead a tale with a creepy man that turns is an ass.

If you are still unsure of which tale I speak of

Then you did not do the readings

And will not understand the references above

For it is The Rape of Lucrece, and it does not end in weddings

Instead the readers witnesses the impending doom,

Of a beautiful woman that is objectified

By all the men that do not think of her feelings, they simply presume

That for one so pretty she must not have emotions inside.

She is the only thoughtful character that turns to self-sacrifice

To protect the ones she loves, in hopes that they are satisfied.



Sonnets Through Review #1

My review begins with Twelfth Night

A play that demonstrates constant deception

which is eventually brought to light

When Cesario because Viola in all her complexion.

It is my favourite amongst Shakespeare’s comedies

Because the women conspire and are wiser than the men

They hold all of the power and know how to tease.

For proof of their wit just see Maria with a pen.

Even though the roles would have been performed by gents,

Ladies are given an empowerment that goes beyond their beauty,

They do not need men to survive, they could probably even pitch their own tents,

They can manipulate and achieve their goals without resorting to shaking their booty.

This play is called Twelfth Night,

And it demonstrates that women are bright.