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Morning, Mourning

Here is my sonnet, it is written for my intense dislike of getting up in the morning; it turned out a little bit more depressing than I anticipated.

The sun rises again, a new day dawns.
With I, all wrappèd in my sheets of silk
my body rolls over as it gently yawns.
My skin all warm, with complexion like milk
would rather stay here woven through my sheets.
The sun taunts me, peeking through my curtains
my eyes close, the only sound; my hearts beats.
As the new day looms, so do my burdens
and the morning seems darker than the night.
I must face it, I cannot evade it.
Morning sunshine is harsh, troubles shine bright.
This life of drear is just what I made it.
In the bed that I made I must go lie
so I kiss the one in silk sheets goodbye.

Shakespeare goes gangsta

In an attempt to better understand Shakespeares sonnets I translated a few of them into raps, that’s right folks, Shakespearian gangsta raps.

Sonnet 25 — Gangta rap
These other guys they got cred
hot bitches, hard shit and bread
I dont got none of that, homes
My riches is that I’m not alone
These homies got it all laid out for ‘em
but one wrong move they back at the bottom
Homies just used for what they got
but all they wins, they loyalty easily forgot
But what I got, I got so much
Its all mine and no G can touch

Then I figured I should try to match the Bards rhyme scheme so here is 27 as a rap and its a bit more Drake (that is to say.. sensitive)

After a long day hustlin’
my body straight done in
but then my head starts bustin’
my thought be runnin’
Im stuck lying here
and you gone all that way
this distance be what I fear
I want you boo, back to stay
My eyes aint able to close
They be trippin’ seein you
so much flyer than other hoes
I just need my diamond, my baby boo
U work hard all day to get you them Jimmy Choo
and at night I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you

Theatre Calgary’s King Lear

Theatre Calgary’s 2015 production of King Lear was rather striking, one thing I noticed as a former drama student was the incredible creativity of the set. The productions creative use of minimal, versatile set props was clever and entertaining and authentic to a Shakespearian play, while the lighting was positively breathtaking. During Lear’s incoherent ramblings the light emulated that of something otherworldly and added to Benedict Campbell’s already stunning performance. Pure evil was portrayed equally brilliantly by Colleen Wheeler and Michael Blake who played Goneril and Edmund respectively. Wheeler especially sent chills down my spine with her wickedness. Wheeler as well as Campbell’s performances were so chilling you would not even need to be able to make sense of the actual words they were saying to know exactly what they meant, which is crucial in a Shakespearian actor. The costumes were also stunning, elaborate or simple they were tasteful and pulled together an immaculate production. My only real critique of this play was John Murphy’s (who played the Earl of Kent) Scottish accent, while when he did it well he did it very well, but when he would slip it would take you out of the moment, I very strongly believe that if you cannot do an accent flawlessly, you may as well be Dick Van Dyke.