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Lost Sonnet

And here’s a last try:


You feel the need to be lost in the crowd.
A jumble of people, of food, and light,
For you can scream, dance, or be super loud.
Best of all, you can blend into the night.

There’s really no direction to follow.
Nothing to guide you, or make you go.
People make you feel a lot less hollow,
Filling you up inside, letting you glow.


However, it’s best when no one knows you,
For you can be truly another face.
Belonging in the crowd, feeling so true,
Floating around, just being very you.


You have to be lost to find something new,
To discover that you are in the view.

Angst Sonnet

Here is another try at a sonnet:

Do I just blend into the scenery?
Like roses in a garden collection,
Or another piece of machinery,
For you never look in my direction.
Am I another current in the sea?
Just another push of the rolling wind,
Or an extra general yellow bee.
Have your shut me, closed me out of your mind?


When did you start to forget about me?
You promised me we would be together,
Embraced forever, laughing, dancing free.
But now our distance has widened further.


I will not forget, nor will I forgive,
To forget me you will have to outlive.

Poetry 1: Love Sonnet

Yes… I suck at this. But it was worth a try.

You are like the sun and the moon to me.
For you are there imbedded in my heart,
There to complete the missing part of me.
I wish that we will never be apart.


Sometimes it is hard to look you in the eye,
For your loveliness outshines everything.
It is hard to describe what underlie,
Nor the joy your kind eyes, and sweet smiles bring.


Yet you do not believe that I love you,
For you do not see the love in my eyes.
This knowledge makes me very cold and blue.
Do you think I am wearing a disguise?


As long as I love you I will try hard,
So that you can at last see my love card.