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The Sonnet Project

I’ve recorded Sonnet 72 (my personal favourite) and started something called The Sonnet Project: a spreadsheet that anyone with the link can edit, where we can compile links to online recordings of every one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. If each person reading this adds just one recording to this list, or records just one sonnet reading of your own, we’ll complete the list. Let’s do this!

[UPDATE 2015-04-03] I’ve just learned that the New York Shakespeare Exchange has their own sonnet project called (wait for it) The Sonnet Project, which includes video recordings of Shakespeare’s sonnets performed across the city’s five boroughs. (The Globe Theatre site is a better access point than the project’s own; it describes the project as “a tapestry of cinematic art that infuses the poetry of William Shakespeare into the poetry of New York City.”)

If you record your own (and are in my English 205, where this project started), please post it to SoundCloud and tag it #engl205 to add to our list there. And (to my students), be sure to submit your work using the activity form, if you’re looking for badge credits.

My recording of Troilus + Cressida, 4.4.32-47

Inspired by the precedents of Clare and Sonja, I’ve posted my first reading to Soundcloud. I chose this one because it has beautiful language, and there are so many enjambments.

How about you? Pick a speech and curse like Thersites, pontificate like Ulysses, swoon like Troilus, or simper like Pandarus! Or choose your favourite sonnet and give us your best oral interpretation. Tag it with #engl205, and make sure you report it using the form.

King Lear by Theatre Calgary

In February we will be covering adaptations and productions of King Lear. These productions will be audio and video (here), but I also want to encourage you to attend Theatre Calgary’s performance of King Lear.

We’ve managed to negotiate a reduced price for English 205 students. So really, how can you pass this up? Continue reading King Lear by Theatre Calgary

Activity Submission Form

As noted in the course outline:

You need to direct your TA to any work you will do outside of the classroom.

With many students in this course it can cause inboxes to become backlogged. So for us to capture your activities you will have to submit links to this form (

Note that:

  • This form excludes tweets, in-class activities, D2L discussion posts, and any posts or comments you publish here on the course blog.
  • If you do not submit your activites here, we cannot award points/badges.
  • Ensure that you send each activity (and its link) individually.
  • Ensure that you follow the form submission format.
  • If you have completed activities previous to this news, please fill out the form with links to your activities.
  • Questions? Send them here.

What are Exam Dossiers?

Here are some suggestions and guidelines for your Exam Dossiers, the first of which you can (if you choose) submit tomorrow in tutorial. Remember, this is an optional system, not a requirement of the course; you’re only helping yourself if you do it.

This is a document you prepare in advance, and bring  (printed on one side of a standard letter-sized page) to Thursday tutorials.

Continue reading What are Exam Dossiers?


This is my enthralling first post on the English 205 blog, just to introduce the course (very briefly) and to ensure this page isn’t blank when you arrive here. Before long, this blog will be positively brimming with student posts, embedded with SoundCloud audio and YouTube videos, screenshots and links. Be sure to read the Getting Started page to, well, get started.

I’ll leave you with this link to the series of posts I’ve written on my main professional blog, about some of the principles I followed when designing the course.

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