Getting Started

This Blog will act as the hub for your  blog writing, vlog posting, podcast (SoundCloud) platform, and badge collection.

  1. Start by getting an account on UCalgaryblogs.
  2. Then get an account on this blog by clicking on ‘Register’ in the left column. The password is on page 4 of the course outline.
  3. Email your TA your username.

There are certain guidelines1 to follow in order to write effectively and critically. Visuals and links are recommended and some well-chosen evidence is vital (in MLA-citation). Do not forget to (1) categorize your post (one or more), (2) add tags, and (3) post a short-link of the blog to social media.

Unsure of how to use UCalgaryBlogs? Need a rubric? Find details here.

Unsure of how to insert images, videos, or SoundCloud files? Find detailed instructions here.

1  For #engl205, the maximum length of these publications is a strict 600 words or 6 minutes long (vlog/podcast).

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