Adding to the Course Blog

To ensure that will you receive marks for your blog post contributions follow these steps to write a blog post:

  1. Make sure that you have added yourself to the blog.Upload1
  2. Once you are successfully added, you can begin blogging. Ensure that you have “The ::: ENGLISH :: 205 :: Blog” in the header of the site (see image below). Hover over this header title to find “Dashboard”, this will allow you to post on the course blog.Upload2
  3. When you click “Dashboard” it will bring you to a screen where you can click “Posts”, then “Add New”. Once you click “Add New” a writing prompt will appear for you to publish your post.Upload3
  4. Please make sure that you are NOT posting to We cannot view these sites and thus you will not receive marks. To check whether you are or not, look at the header title (which should be “The ::: ENGLISH :: 205 :: Blog”).

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