Looking for the King Lear media information? Click here.

It is recommended that you find radio plays / recordings, films, and any other recorded performances of any play / poem on our reading list. This is especially true for King Lear. These recordings could help you whilst reading (to hear the text aloud), help you to collect a badge, or just be essential to class work.

Listed below are multiple media sources to help you find your way around the internet. Amongst these lie several others. Use your creativity to seek out these media archives, if necessary. Do remember that some of these resources require your UCalgary login.

Library Resources:


Online Readings:

  • Librivox – Search through readings from most of literature that is read by volunteered individuals.
  • Loyal Books – Find the company online or on iTunes with versions of any public domain text read aloud.

Performance Hubs:

  • Global Shakespeare – Find clips in this Video & Performance Archive
  • Youtube – Get creative.
  • Netflix – Check to see if there are any possible movies or adaptations of the 4 plays.

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