To achieve badges, some online resources can be extremely helpful. These include online tools to help analyze literature, citation style help, and repositories full of Shakespearean external, historical, or contextual resources. Listed below are some of several resources to employ. Remember that some of these resources require your UCalgary login.

Report your activities using this form. We will keep track of your activity for badge points based on your submissions there. Ensure that you send each link individually. The only exceptions are tweets (with the #engl205 hashtag), in-class/in-tutorial activities, D2L discussion posts, and any posts or comments you publish on the course blog (these are recorded differently).

Digital Tools:

  • TAPoR – Hosts links to 481 research tools for textual study.
  • Voyant – Discover links between words in a text through graphic analysis.
  • Timeline – Create a visually pleasing timeline all from a Google Spreadsheet template.
  • Google Tour Builder – Create a travelling map around London – or any other setting from the texts using this tour builder.
Voyant’s textual analysis

Online Collectives:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 6.23.26 PM
From Folger’s Shakespeare Digital Library


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