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Reading Week: The Sonnet

To study texts in solitude,

births tears anew in morning’s wake.

Since work doth not improve my mood,

I think I’d rather eat this cake.


To check my grades on d2L

would surely break my spirit strong.

My sober clicks land me in hell;

my study habits have been wrong.


And so, I promise to myself

My time shall not be turn’d to waste.

My head, it slams against against my shelf

I scold myself: “I must make haste!”


Though, three more tranquil days of freedom do, somewhat, console me;

for my green-eyed friends, but two remain—I’m smirking at their jealousy.

Sonnet I

Following is my very own sonnet, based on the Shakespearean format, to go towards the writing badge.  It’s a slight variation on the traditional form, which has a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd, etc., and instead my poem follows an abcb form. I also tried to follow iambic pentameter, but alas! I’m no Shakespeare.


Long the sea did go unchallenged,

Yielding not to any soul,

Those who tried to chance it met

A hard embrace of deadly cold.

In the tales we hear of ancients

Who found themselves locked in their lands

And stranded, built their wooden ships,

They met on distant shores of strand.

Bold, hard men explored the world,

Fought and lived on endless sea,

They set out against an age-old foe

And carved deep grooves in history.

Yet ships still fear the depths below,

They mark the land where no man goes.

-Chloe Carr

King Lear by Theatre Calgary

In February we will be covering adaptations and productions of King Lear. These productions will be audio and video (here), but I also want to encourage you to attend Theatre Calgary’s performance of King Lear.

We’ve managed to negotiate a reduced price for English 205 students. So really, how can you pass this up? Continue reading King Lear by Theatre Calgary