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another sonnet

I’m so weak for sonnets. Here’s my other one (probably the better of the two.)

if you must know, I’m worried about lots:
I can’t tell if these words are helping me.
I’ve been in some pretty laughable spots
and I’ve never been freed by poetry.
people ask me “can I read what you’ve writ?”
and before I can correct their grammar
they’ve noticed that it’s all just angsty shit
“it’s, um, ‘written,’ not ‘writ,'” I stammer.
but you took no for an answer, my friend,
you didn’t press on – and for this, for you
I have a certain prize, a certain end
to show you my appreciation true:
next time I’m angry and writing a piece,
if it’s about you, I’ll desist and cease.

Visual Art and an Accompanying Original Sonnet

I decided to expand upon the idea of Time in the Sonnets in the form of visual art and a sonnet I wrote. The sonnet was definitely challenging to write, I definitely have more respect for Shakespeare’s work now in regards to his poetry skills. Having the iambic pentameter stay consistent throughout the lines was not easy.

In the Sonnets, Shakespeare speaks of personified Time. I really liked this idea so I decided to do something similar but use imagery seen in my visual art. In the picture, I wanted the puppet master’s hand to symbolize Time and its control over people who are constrained by this entity, as well as how Time “feeds” people through an hourglass slowly but surely until their eventual demise which I tried to show through the figure becoming bloody sand at the tiny opening. This opening, if you will, is sort of like the transition point between the upper and lower hourglass chambers and similarly, can be compared to Death who is the facilitator of the transition from this world to the next. I know Death isn’t emphasized in my visual art, but I wanted to keep the focus on Time and its “slave”.

In my sonnet, I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of Time and how it can be portrayed as cruel and merciless, which is why the hand is referred to as dark. However, I wanted the volta of the sonnet to show how Time alone cannot be blamed, since Death is the one who ultimately wins by letting Time do all the work up until the last few moments of a person’s life.

I know, lots of ideas compacted into these two representations. I was sitting on this idea for a while but had to experiment a lot.

Thanks for reading!


Slaves to Time

A constant, everlasting dimension

Thou art an unequalled phenomenon

O Time! Wherefore a cruel postulation

Art thou that pulls puppet strings as slaves age on?

The suff’ring slaves of you, sent straight down through

A most inescapable hourglass.

The wise once innocent, the old once new

Nothing is free once your clutches are cast.

Have you no mercy in your puppetry?

Poor souls doth twist and turn by your dark hand

Little grace is shown in your artistry

Tick tock, tick tock, no rest for slipping sand.

But even you are enslaved to fair Death

Who uses you to collect their last breaths.


Fathima) Sadiya Nazir (10138034)



voyant of the procreation sonnets

After talking about sonnets 1-17 (sometimes called “the procreation sonnets,” which I love) in tutorial last week, I thought it might be interesting to use Voyant on all of them to visualize the discussion we had.

sonnet voyant before

This first one was really boring and didn’t really reveal anything so I edited it to take out prepositions and pronouns and other fluff words. After doing that, it was much more reflective of the actual content.

sonnet voyant after

The second Voyant prominently features the two main themes we noticed: beauty and time. The other often-used words are exactly what you would expect. “Make” and “art” are there along with “sweet,” “world” and “love.”

I recommend clicking through to the larger image to see the most interesting part. While this word cloud looks pleasant from afar, there are a lot of tiny words with negative connotations that Shakespeare used to form his argument. “Winter,” “widow,” “wilt,” “unused,” “tomb” and “waste” are all used only twice in the span of the 17 sonnets but pack a powerful punch in context.

This cirrus did a better job than I expected of opening my eyes to the true nature of these poems. They’ve got layers of flattery and dire consequences, sweet and sinister. But if this boy was attractive enough to write seventeen sonnets to, I think I’m on Shakespeare’s side and I hope his genes are alive and well somewhere.

hey guys I wrote a sonnet

if I could put my body over there
and never have to see myself again
I’d give me something beautiful to wear
and walk away with paper and a pen.
for some things go unspoken, some unseen,
I wish sometimes that I could go un-both.
my life is better lived behind some screen;
my love is better written down in oath.
for you I remain visible and loud,
although my quiet instinct disagrees.
you find it hard to lose me in a crowd,
I find you put my worried mind at ease.
       if ever you need me to disappear
       I’ll hold my tongue, my love, but I’ll stay near.