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Annotation for the Technology-Challenged

So the badge points are supposed to be rewarded for “posting pictures” of annotated pages. Sounds easy, but since the only piece of tech I own (my Ipod) takes awful pictures, I knew there was no point posting them. Nobody needs to see my dark, blurry photos of a book with scribbles on it. Not that I’m writing in my book. It’s not mine, it’s my mom’s, and I think she’d kill me if I wrote in her book.

Anyhow, I annotated five pages of “The Rape of Lucrece” in a Word Document and attached it to this post. If ya’ll want to see my note-taking devolve into potshots at Tarquin, go ahead and read.

Annotated Lucrece     <— Thar she rants!


Meaghan K